ultrafine mill for coal processing

After the coal mining is first treated, it is necessary to use a pulverizer for fine grinding. The coal grinding mill is very important, which directly affects the use and efficiency of the coal. For different industrial requirements, the use of coal level is not the same, the fineness of coal processing are not the same, our company based on the market analysis of coal product demand, especially the design of SCM series of ultrafine mill, this ultrafine mill for coal processing needs of different fineness have great advantages, it can meet the requirements of the use of the coal processing industry, but also improve the efficiency of utilization of coal. Below is a simple analysis of the current utilization of coal resources and the improvement of the SCM ultrafine grinding machine for the present situation.

In recent years, I have been developing rapidly, and for a long time, we have been the uneven distribution of coal use, water and power resources, as well as my abundant coal resources, making life and production especially dependent on the exploitation and utilization of coal. In me, coal is called black gold, it is the grain of industry, and it has always been the main source of energy in my life. For a long time, coal has been crushed and ground to be used as the main energy for industrial production and life. In the industry, large and small thermal power plants, steel metallurgy and pulverized coal fired boilers are commonly used industries, which are very dependent on coal resources. For a long time, due to the development of industrial speed and the backward coal pulverizing equipment and technology, a large number of coal resources have not been fully utilized, resulting in a large waste of coal resources, and inadequate utilization leads to large environmental pollution.

When the fineness of coal is not in line with industrial requirements, it will cause insufficient combustion of coal, and it will not be fast enough to reach the effective temperature after combustion, which will make the industrial production efficiency low. Generate a lot of dust in the coal combustion process, but also the formation of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and other harmful gases, and because of incomplete combustion, will produce a large number of coal gangue, coal gangue contains some components of coal, not only a waste of resources, but also a large number of coal gangue will also cause environmental pollution and damage.

From the above can be found, full use of coal resources is very important, but the key is to make full use of coal and coal fineness, SCM ultrafine mill can be adjusted according to the requirements of different fineness of coal industry, the coal into the combustion furnace with a suitable fineness, making use of coal high efficiency, not only saves a lot of cost for the enterprise, but also makes the industrial production on the environment destruction to relatively low, truly made for a better life.

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