How shall we operate the sand making machine?

As the production site of sand making, the function of sand making machine is second to none, so how to make full use of sand making machine to create more building value and economic benefits.

Users in the purchase of sand production line after the manufacturers sent technical personnel to the user site installed in the field, after the installation of the trial function normal operation, manufacturers sent technicians need to go. Therefore, the follow-up of some small problems are the need for customers and manufacturers telephone communication. What should we do after we buy it.

First of all, according to the operation manual operation. For skilled users, this step can be skipped. Many years of experience will certainly enable them to have a full understanding of the sand making machine. For beginners, we must carefully read the instructions before use, and then we buy the equipment must be unloaded for trial operation, observe the production of sand machine after normal production in the feed,our personnel will need to pass through the operation of production to computer professional training, and sand making machine should be timely maintenance and maintenance during use, regular inspection found wear place to repair, to add lubricating oil on the part of some.
Finally, the sand machine should be cut off after the work, just in case.

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