applicable materials and operation of vertical roller mill

The company developed vertical roller mill production has a very wide application, so many users want to understand the relevant product information, according to the principle of vertical roller mill, milling suitable material and application areas to provide you a brief introduction, I hope you have some help in the production of flour.

1. What are the applicable areas of vertical roller mills?
Vertical roller mill can range ore grinding fineness on the size of 80 to 400 mesh, and for some high hardness of slag, the fineness of grinding in the range of 80 to 325, because the same kind of ore materials can be used for grinding fineness of mineral powder, thus broadens the application field of roller mill. In summary, the main industrial areas of grinding can be applied as follows: fuel coal production and power generation industry in the cement industry, cement mill, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and other industries as well as ore grinding.

2. What are the applicable materials for vertical roller mills?
This mill can be used for a variety of ore materials mill production, these materials are feldspar, talc, calcite, fluorite, iron ore, copper, phosphorus ore, quartz, slag and so on, it also can be used for the production of cement mill, the mill in the development in the development and production of the coal mill, specially used for coal in addition, the production of flour, the milling machine can also be used for milling of graphite.

3. Vertical roller mill working principle
This mill in mineral grinding, using the plate grinding principle, and the specific path of milling material is, the material from the feed port to the tray down, then the central, high-speed operation in the feed tray, tray slide to the edge. The edge material forms a layer of material on the millstone, which is then ground by a grinding roll above the tray to form powder material.

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